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We know the daily challenges of a homeschool can be exhausting. Let’s breathe new life into your days.

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We believe moms are the curators of culture, 
that stories ignite change, 
and families will save the world. 
With Charlotte Mason, we see that children are born persons. 
With CS Lewis, we know that there are no mere mortals. 

We believe learning should capture our imaginations and delight our spirits.

Homeschooling is an adventure, and adventures are more fun with friends!

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You’ve researched for hours and finally settled on the perfect curriculum. You have a detailed schedule and plan, and you still feel behind! 

Let us help you re-evaluate your plan, iron out the kinks, and breathe new life into your homeschool days. We will help you dream, with a good dose of reality. We’re on your team!

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Notebook of

Our Notebook of Centuries begins with Prehistory and includes a full spread for each century beginning with the 40th Century BC and ending in 2100 AD.

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Hey there !

Meet Debbie and Danielle, your new homeschool BFFs.

We are homeschooling sisters on a mission to help moms find joy, right now, in their real lives.

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You’re a homeschool mom–that already tells us so much about you! We know you’re dedicated and capable, and we can bet you’ve out-researched nearly every expert out there on the issues that affect your home.

We know you can do this on your own–you don’t need a classroom or curriculum experts to tell you what to do.

We also know that homeschooling is an adventure–and adventures are so much more fun when you take them with friends.

We can’t wait to see you in our online community over on Facebook.

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Need something you can implement today?

Our Homeschool Refresh Workbook will walk you through your values, your desires, and your practical limitations. You’ll finish it with a workable plan that you can immediately implement.

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Don’t be taken in by the Convention Center sales floor! 

It’s easy to get caught up in new and pretty curriculum–it’s also easy to buy curriculum that won’t actually work for you. 

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