8 Reasons to Start a Homeschool Co-op (Even if It’s Just with a Few Friends)

Have you wondered if a homeschool co-op is a good idea for you?

Or maybe you’ve tried a few and they just were not the right fit.

What about starting your own? 

Here are 8 reasons to start your own homeschool co-op – even if it’s just with a few friends:

  1. Building Your Co-op around Your Needs:
    Starting your own homeschool co-op means you will decide what the co-op will cover. This means you will receive assistance “checking off boxes” from your homeschooling list for the year! If you find that nature study is consistently neglected each year, why not initiate a nature club? Is Shakespeare a subject that has always intrigued you, but your children struggle to engage? Somehow being with other kids makes learning complicated things easier and more enjoyable. Perhaps you wish to prioritize writing at home this year? By inviting a few friends over to participate alongside your family, you’ll see your children rise to the challenge of presenting interesting papers in front of their peers.

2. Support Network:
By starting a co-op centered around your own personal interests or a specific approach, you will naturally attract like-minded individuals who can provide the very support you desire most. For example, if you establish a co-op inspired by the principles of Charlotte Mason, you will surround yourself with friends who are knowledgeable about fantastic hiking spots and book sales. Similarly, if you begin a classical co-op, you will have people around you who can remind you of the benefits of studying Latin when you feel discouraged. By starting a nature club, you will forge connections with others who share a deep appreciation for spending time outdoors and expanding their knowledge of the natural world. There’s nothing quite like having friends who can uplift you, offer their support, and empathize with the particular challenges you face.

3. Schedules that Fit Your Family:
Co-ops help you set up a routine and add structure to your homeschooling journey, and if you start your own, you’ll get to decide the chunk of the year, day of the week, and time of day that work best for you and your family.

“You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So get on your way!”

– Dr Seuss

4. Task Allocation:
If looking at a year of Biology looks intimidating to you, know that starting a co-op or inviting a family or two to tackle Biology with you means dividing tasks among team members. This means you can focus on specific aspects and avoid feeling overwhelmed with the totality of a year-long subject.

5. Motivation and Engagement:
Are you, like me, adept at starting a lot of projects (including curriculum) but not finishing them? Starting your own co-op is one way to “have your cake and eat it too”! Collaborating with other homeschool mamas on a shared goal increases motivation and engagement for finishing the year strong, helping you maintain interest and enthusiasm when boredom comes knocking.

6. Skill Development:
Starting a co-op means you’ll have lots of practice in communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and compromise. And as a team leader, you’ll be forced to see the development of these skills through when the going gets rough.

7. Lifelong Friendships:
Starting a co-op means your children (and their parents) will have the opportunity to form deep, lasting friendships with like-minded peers who share their educational journey.

8. Fun:
It’s really fun to start your own homeschool co-op!