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We are homeschooling sisters with decades of experience. We are here to cheer you on!

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In Case We Haven't Met...

We can help because we’ve been there.
We know that you feel called to homeschooling and that you believe it’s the best choice for your children.

We also know that, despite the calling, sometimes you feel worn out.

Debbie began homeschooling when her oldest, now a 25-year-old thriving adult, was little. Danielle started her career as a classroom teacher, but when she had her own kids, she knew she wanted them to have the same experiences she’d watched her nephews have. 

Debbie has had three (almost four) students graduate from high school and now has her two youngest at home with her. She has over two decades of homeschool experience, which includes working with unique learning challenges, overseeing large homeschool programs, and encouraging countless moms in their own journeys.

Danielle has four students at home. Her oldest is just about to hit the middle school years. Danielle left her career as a classroom teacher to be home with her children. She had the unique opportunity to work one on one as a homeschool coach with twenty homeschooling families a year for nearly ten years. While she hasn’t yet graduated any of her own students, she has overseen the graduation of dozens.