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Homeschooling is hard, and as a busy mama, you’re balancing little humans, academic subjects, household chores and about a million other things. You know community is important, but figuring out HOW to start a co-op is overwhelming.

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Our Ultimate List of Co-op Planning Ideas has nearly 100 Ideas for your homeschool co-op. Let’s get started forming that homeschool community, now!


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Meet Debbie and Danielle, sisters and home educators. We want to be your biggest cheerleaders! 

We know what it’s like in the trenches. Like you, we juggle what feels like a million responsibilities both in and out of our homes, and we, too, have children with unique needs.

We can’t promise to solve all your homeschool problems, but we can help you look at homeschooling with fresh eyes. We want to help you find peace in the life you’re actually living with the kids you actually have.

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8 Reasons to Start a Co-op (Even If It's Just With a Few Friends)

Ready to get the ball rolling? Check out the Ultimate List of Co-op Planning Ideas for your homeschool co-op now.