How to Host a Homeschool Valentine’s Day Party

A friend of mine has been hosting Valentine parties for local homeschoolers for over a decade. They were always fun, low key, and seemed to draw record numbers of attendees. Following in her footsteps, I decided to continue this tradition in my new community.

If you’d like to have a lot of fun next Valentine’s Day, prove to your mother-in-law that you aren’t letting socialization slide by the wayside, and bring your homeschooling community together to build memories, here’s how to do it:

Make a Plan

  • Find a location. A park with several picnic tables works best, weather-permitting. If you live somewhere very cold this time of year, perhaps there is a library conference room or church fellowship hall you’d be allowed to borrow.
  • Make invitations. You are free to use this template. In the invite, make sure to remind each participating child to bring something to collect valentines in and valentines to give away to 24 people. You may also ask each family to bring a snack to share.
  • You do not need to ask for RSVPs if you follow our plan for the Valentine exchange (see below for instructions).


  • Have kids make some sort of receptacle to hold their candy and valentines. Valentine boxes can be as simple or complicated as each child desires.
  • Buy or make 24 valentines for each of your children to share. Have each child put these in a bag or basket other than the boxes they’ll use for collecting.
  • It seems to work best for the host to bring water bottles, napkins, and forks for the group. You might also want to pick up red or pink tablecloths, streamers, etc.

During the Party

  • Have a designated space for people to set up snacks they bring.
  • Separately, set up the children’s valentine’s boxes on one, two, or three tables (depending upon the size of the group) facing outward. 
  • Whenever you decide to start formal festivities, call the kids over. Have each one grab their bag of goodies to pass out, and then stand directly in front of their own Valentine box. The table(s) should be surrounded by students.
  • Have each child move one box to the left, and then begin moving clockwise around the table, putting one valentine into each box until they run out. (Setting it up like this means each kid only has to bring 24 valentines, no matter how many children show up.)

And that’s all there is to it! The biggest thing to remember is to be VERY clear with explaining the directions to the children and parents, and repeat yourself a few times. Other than that, the party is sure to be a lot of fun with very little prep or work for the host. A party in mid-February is the perfect antidote to the Februdrearies! Sometimes when we feel like giving up, we just need a break.

Have a happy Valentine’s Day!