Curriculum Shopping Guide

Never buy curriculum you won’t use again.

What's Included

Curriculum Orders Tracker

Use this sheet to inventory what you have, what you need, and when it's coming. Mark off orders once they've been received so you can rest easy knowing your year is planned.

Priority Planning

You, and not your curriculum, get to decide what happens in your homeschool. Use our two-page guide to think through your values, needs and priorities. Decide what matters before you shop.

Before Checkout Checklist

Review your priorities BEFORE you checkout. This one page printable will remind you of what's important TO YOU and help ensure you don't buy anything that won't benefit your homeschool this year.

“There isn't a right way to become educated. There are as many ways as there are fingerprints."

John Taylor Gatto


We know what it's like.

With combined 36 years experience in homeschooling, Debbie and Danielle know what it’s like to be overwhelmed by curriculum choices. We’ve learned how to focus on the big picture and want to help you, too.

Want the guide?

We can’t wait to help you survive back-to-school shopping!